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Lyons Enhanced Yield

Targeting an annual yield return of 12-15%

Controlling risk using Cashless Collars

Know your portfolios' maximum downside exposure 

Regular, Consistent, Measurable Cash Flow

A Sophisticated Solution for Cash Portfolios and Concentrated Stock Holders Seeking Regular Income

Quick Summary: The strategy's primary objective is to provide a high level of current income with capital appreciation being a secondary objective.

The Lyons Enhanced Yield Strategy is a great solution for individuals and businesses looking for a consistent cash flow while having a defined "floor" when it comes to downside volatility.

The strategy is comprised of an actively managed portfolio of 15-20 high yielding companies that you will recognize. To limit downside and control risk for clients we use cashless collars to create a known and defined "floor" in the portfolio.*


We then enhance the yield delivered to investors through the use of portfolio margining. Based upon each investors specific risk tolerance we determine the most prudent amount of leverage exposure to the strategy. 

Enhanced Yield strives to provide investors with a consistent and tax-smart cash flow.

For Concentrated Stock holders - your positions are not put at risk because the holding are the anchor for the portfolio margining. It is the margin cash portion that holds the Overlay positions. Note that during our consultation process we can discuss possible hedging strategies on the large position/s if that is a concern.

Watch how this strategy works in more detail.

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