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We specialize in that!

"Yes, I know all my eggs are in one basket" 
~ You

For those who hold a large concentrated stock position with no desire to sell it; we completely understand. We can also help you navigate the challenges of having this blessing and potential risk. 

We specialize in guiding investors through the challenges associated with holding concentrated stock positions.  We also help educate and advise on the many solutions available and spend time discussing the positives and negatives for each. 

Our experience has shown us how concentration is is great way to create wealth. It is however, not the safest way to achieve wealth preservation. 

We understand the hurdles investors face when holding sizeable single stock positions and they can be broken down into two core pieces.

  • The first and easiest hurdle to address is monetary. This is the tax side of the equation and looking at a considerable liability can be daunting.

  • The second hurdle is more complex and is the psychological aspect. Company loyalty, family/generational ties to the company, public perception, and a long list of psychological biases often prevent thoughts of diversification to even be considered. 

We have spent well over a decade working with clients in this situation to find the best solutional fit for their unique goals and needs. Regardless of how the holdings were acquired, if they represent a large portion of your net worth it would be a great use of time to have a free initial consultation with us to see how we can help you.