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Enhanced Yield Strategy
August Update

Update on Performance and How We Enhance Yield and Control Risk 

September 1, 2022
2 p.m. EST

Presented by Tom Casper,
SVP Wealth Manager

Tom brings 26 years of wealth management experience including working with family offices, private equity, advanced financial planning, and portfolio management.

This year, Lyons Wealth's Enhanced Yield Strategy has been a rock in the storm for many of our investors portfolios. It has continued to demonstrate strong performance through out the volatility expressed by the broader markets. This strategy was designed to withstand all market conditions with the goal of producing a measurable and consistent cash flow while defining and limiting downside risk exposure. Current investors and prospective investors please join us for the Enhanced Yield webinar on Thursday Sept. 1st, to learn more.

Event Description

On this webinar, SVP Tom Casper will review the Enhanced Yield Strategy during Q2, 2022 and provide a recap of the mechanics and goals of the program itself. Please submit any questions you would like answered during registration.